A drilling rig may be worth 4 million dollars but its value is immeasurable in terms of time and value to your overall operation. Let Fortis Logistique take away the stress. Our drivers have driven the length and breadth of the Congo with high value and high tonnage loads. Our 60-ton low loaders are strong and forgiving, navigating the unforgiveable Congolese road network, ensuring your merchandise reaches its destination safely. Our drivers will put the safety of the cargo before speed, sometimes waiting days in the wet season for a road to be passable and not taking unnecessary risks.

Our low loaders are towed by 6×6 Mercedes Actros and in certain circumstances will be accompanied by a convoy vehicle to ensure maximum security of the load on dangerous and tough roads.

Whether it’s mining equipment or industrial vehicles, Fortis Logistique have the right hardware to get your oversize cargo anywhere in the Congo.


Fortis Logistique have extensive experience in carrying high value goods, from explosives to top-of-the-range cars to forklift to generators. Given the harsh road conditions, we have the experience to correctly secure the load and ensure the safe arrival of your merchandise.

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