Delivery Networks

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Regional Networks

Fortis offers its clients regional delivery solutions ensuring efficient customised logistics at the right price.

Fortis’s custom-designed curtain-sider containers are unique to Congo. Built and designed by Fortis Construction the trailers benefit our client with enhanced capacity, security as well as a powerful and professional advertising message. Fortis Logistique have two fleets current operating, a daily service between Pointe Noire and Dolisie, and 2 day service between Brazzaville and Oyo. On both routes Fortis has worked with its clients to maximize the advantage of side loading to minimize loading and off-loading times.

Each route is customised, both in terms of equipment and delivery schedule, and optimised to ensure Fortis Logistique provide a regular and reliable service.


City Delivery Networks

Fortis Logistique has city delivery networks in both Pointe Noire and Brazzaville. Each network is equipped with a vehicle fleet adapted to its clients requirements. Trucks are equipped with multiple trailers, maximizing delivery potential and reducing standing time. Deliveries to difficult to access depots and smaller deliveries have been enable with fixed bed trucks. Where possible advertising potential has been used to enhance brand image across the cities. Fortis Logistique does not only offer a delivery service but has provided clients with a complete logistical package; from a operations desk in the clients location our coordinator will work hand in hand with the client to plan, execute and report on the daily delivery schedule

Fortis has an adaptable capability to deliver within cities including a refrigerated distribution capability which has recently been added to our fleet.

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