Fortis Logistics is committed to providing efficient logistics solutions throughout the Republic of Congo. Fortis was founded in 2009 by experienced professionals from the logistics and mining industry. Our management team has extensive experience in the difficult Congolese environment.

A Reliable service throughout Congo!!

Fortis Logistique is dedicated to providing efficient logistics solutions throughout the Republic of Congo. Fortis was founded in 2009 by experienced logistics and mining industry professionals. Our management team has extensive experience operating in the challenging Congolese environment.

Fortis Logistique have on-the-ground knowledge and experience to design-and-implement the right transport solutions for you and your merchandise, however valuable or fragile. We have the infrastructure and hardware to deliver your goods to the most remote corners of Congo and further abroad CEMAC economic community.


Fortis Logistique can also provide office space, secure material, vehicle, machinery and container storage at our Logistics Hubs in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville. We can help support with site establishment of both permanent and temporary structures, however remote.

We are honest, realistic and supportive, providing the professional service you expect.

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Recent Activity

Curtain Sider Regional Delivery

The daily movement of beverages from Pointe Noire to Dolisie and Oyo requires reinforced tautliner container.  Advertising curtains made in South Africa give the client unique advertising at a leading market standard.

Movement of heavy equipment in Congo

Fortis has completed many loads for many different clients.  Each load is different and requires individual care and attention. Sometimes very high value items are specifically insured for the transport.

Logistic support to Southey Offshore Streamlining

Fortis Logistique was required to relocation Southey Offshore. Fortis provided storage, work area and temporary office space. Fortis’s Logistics Hub was chosen as their preferred solution.

Total Congo SA managed warehousing solution

Fully integrated warehousing solution

Football match Fortis vs BRASCO PNR

Fortis squared up against BRASCO PNR at the grand stadium in Pointe Noire.

Driver winner of CFAO contest!

Alex was awarded 2nd place in the CFAO Chauffeur Competition held recently. He triumphed over 40 competitors on the evaluation of his driving style, fuel consumption, harsh breaking, speed control and numerous other factors determined by CFAO through information from his on-board computer.

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